Guided tours 2019

Guided tours 2019 SALTOschool de Bergen
Guided tours 2019
On the dates below we have reserved time for an introduction to our school.You can choose your date and inform us by email (directie@bs-bergen.nl) or by telephone (040-2528883).We then take your arrival into account and welcome you with a cup of coffee or tea. If there are more than three registrations per date, we ask you to choose a different date.You can take your child with you during the introduction and use our day care during the information.
Hope to see you soon.

Maurice Driessens
Principal SALTO school De Bergen
Melony Harks
Team leader Korein Kinderplein

Available dates school year 2018-2019
Time 13.30h-14.30h on all days

Tuesday 19-02-2019
Thursday 14-03-2019
Tuesday 26-03-2019
Thursday 14-04-2019
Tuesday 07-05-2019
Thursday 23-05-2019
Tuesday 11-06-2019
Tuesday 25-06-2019

Maak gerust een afspraak voor meer informatie over onze school. We zijn bereikbaar op nummer 040-2528883